August 20 2014

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The New Face Of Brit Pop


For her upcoming issue of Pop, Dasha Zhukova scored a big get: Twitter queen (and occasional singer) Britney Spears, who appears on multiple covers of the magazine. Todd Cole shot Brit-Brit for the glossy, and Takashi Murakami gave her the full kawaii Japanimation treatment. (We hear cartoon stickers will also appear throughout the mag.) Why Spears? “She’s feminine, sassy, strong-willed, determined: all the things a great Pop icon should be,” Zhukova told us from Moscow. “Couple that with some Japanese swimsuits and a Rodarte wedding gown and I think she is pretty much Pop personified!” Apparently the idea arose when Zhukova was discussing the idea of manga characters with Murakami—and voila, a cover star is born. The mag will be out September 1—it also includes a collaboration with Cindy Sherman, who reinterprets the Chanel woman, an interview with Hillary Clinton by Barbara Bush (!), and stories on Barbara Kruger, MNDR, and Martha Stewart (!!)—and we’ve got your exclusive first look at two of the covers, above.

Photos: Todd Cole/Courtesy of Pop



  1. null says:

    Britney, Murakami, Sherman, Clinton – this issue looks like a ‘must read.’ It’s so nice to see a magazine pushing boundaries these days. I cannot wait to buy it. Does anyone know when it will be available in New York?

  2. brownbear says:

    No way! Takashi Murakami is GOD-LIKE-GENIUS. Nice to see Britney not doing another cheesy cosmo cover! Which cover do I buy ? AAARRRRgggghhhh the choices!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. MarieElizabeth says:

    woa its been so long since seeing anything Brittney it took me forever to accept that it was…first i thought Courtney Love (why, who knows), then some obscure Euro chick, but now i see it…she looks good, and super young!

  4. FabsBabs says:

    She totally has a Courtney Love thing going on…and we all know where that ended up. Crazy attracts crazy I guess.

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