August 27 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh? Nifty Fifties


The new, ladylike silhouette from Fall ’10, with its fifties-inspired full skirt, has gotten no end of coverage in the press but hasn’t yet made as much of an impact in the world of celebrity dressing. But for Louis Vuitton’s Santa Monica store opening last night, a few brave souls took Marc Jacobs’ retro dresses for a spin—and came out, we’d say, the better for it. Sure, there were plenty of red-carpet-as-usual minis (most, of course, by Vuitton), but Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara and burlesque queen Dita Von Teese went long. We especially liked Vergara’s calf-length sleeveless navy version, worn without the belts styled with it on the runway. With an LV clutch and simple black pumps, we’d say she did her fifties forebears proud. What do you think—yea, nay, or eh?

Photo: David Crotty / Patrick McMullan



  1. NotMod says:

    An ‘amen’ moment! … unless you are a teenage fan eith no particular feeling for your grandparents’ choice of dress.

  2. expensivepeople says:

    i suppose this is fine, but do we really want to hark back to an age of normalcy and repression? let’s move forward, the future is a better place.

  3. null says:

    i like it. it’s definitely a step up from the too often worn super tight/skimpy dresses. but i think it would look a whole lot better with a different pair of shoe (though they may be red soled they are pretty drab) and an updo. jus sayin..

  4. null says:

    Although I am no longer a teenage, I am still fairly young; and with that said I could not be more excited to see us getting away from too short and too tight, too often. There is something so romantic and yet simple (although I beg to differ that it is a style of normalcy at least today).

    It speaks volume for the women of today, I believe it is only going to be a positive style for women. It says yes we may be more covered up but we are still damn hot. Yes we may wear full frilly skirts but we are still very powerful.

    So does this mean that sex no longer sales? Haha not a chance it just means we are being more koi about it and I LOVE it!

    I agree however this particular look could use I bit of a trendy touch in the shoe or on the waist. Although simple is back we can’t forget the statement piece.

  5. Kimberellie says:

    I love the fifties looks this fall! And I am very pleased to see that celebrities are starting to wear them! As a mom (albeit a young and hot mom ;-) it was very annoying to be unable to find dresses I couldn’t bend over in!

  6. katianderson says:

    I wish she would have worn more interesting shoes since the dress is so simple.

  7. null says:

    I love the shoes with the dress. The whole point IS that we’ve just come out of a recession, as they had in the fifties, and so we’re going for a retro look which is fairly simple but beautifully highlights a woman’s body.

    The fact that the shoes are black doesn’t mean that they’re plain, it just means that they’re understated.

    The point of fifties style was not the clothes, it was an era all about showcasing the figure of a woman.


  8. null says:

    I am all for this silhouette and those shoes, but the rest of the styling (namely those earrings and that hair) is dismal. She looks like a racetrack model playing classy.

  9. mrcocochanel says:

    Great dress, looks great. But ruined by her accessories. Why those shoes? should be brown or a neutral nude, the red soles are just out of place here. Why that bag? The dress is what is suppose to shine and the is just boring and why those hoop earings? They are just unnecessary. Hair could use volume to balance with her amazing bust.

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