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A Magical Start To New York Fashion Week


To make your party stand out from the rest during fashion week, it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve—and A Small World chairman and man-about-town Patrick Liotard-Vogt certainly had one last night, in the form of magician David Blaine. All eyes (most of them very, very wide) were on the prestidigitator’s lightning-quick hands at the rooftop soirée, which raised funds for Liotard-Vogt’s F Cancer charity and had Blaine bending coins and performing other Jedi mind tricks for the likes of Maria Cornejo, Devon Aoki, and Anouck Lepère. “I know it’s all sleight-of-hand, but I can’t stop giggling like a little schoolgirl,” Waris Ahluwalia (left, with Blaine) admitted.

“If he could transport me to September 17, that would be the best trick,” suggested Lorenzo Martone, whose very busy coming week includes hosting after-parties for Ruffian on Thursday and L.A.M.B. on the 16th, and a Fashion Night Out fête with Carlos Miele. Really, Lorenzo, you’d want to skip all that? Consider us skeptical.

Photo: Courtesy of A Small World



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