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At Redux, The Kicks Are All New


Tim Hamilton shows his eponymous menswear in Paris these days, but the New York-based designer hasn’t left his hometown fans out in the cold—for the second season in a row, he’s showing his secondary collection, Tim Hamilton Redux, during New York fashion week. Redux began as a sort of greatest-hits collection, reissuing favorite staples from Hamilton’s eponymous line, but it’s since grown into an entity of its very own, one that skews younger and more street-influenced than the avant-garde main line. That’s not to say it’s not plenty avant in its own right. For the September 10 presentation, art star (and James Franco pal) Kalup Linzy will be DJ’ing and performing, and photographer Collier Schorr will debut a new video featuring the collection. As for accessories, the occasion will see the launch of Dana Lorenz’s first men’s pieces for Fenton/Fallon as well as a new footwear collaboration with Lacoste. “I wanted to work with the original Rene Lacoste shoe and give it a harder tone,” Hamilton says. “By adding a black finish and a high top, it appears to be a mesh—sneaker meets military shoe.” Cadets interested in a pair will be glad to know they’ll be sold with the Redux collection, hitting stores this January.

Photo: Steven Torres



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