August 20 2014

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Footwear Fit For The Gods?


Call me crazy, but do I detect a hint of mythology in the Spring footwear we’re seeing right now? I need to consult the Oracle at Delphi to be sure, but there was something a little Grecian about the gorgeous, cut-out heels at Dries (left)—they revealed just a slip of the heel right where the warrior hero Achilles was held when he got dipped in the River Styx to safeguard him from harm. (Hence, of course, the expression, “Achilles heel”—the one undipped, ergo unprotected, spot.) And over at Carven, Guillaume Henry showed pumps with arrayed with little tufts of fabric shooting to the sides (right). Hermes, the messenger god, had wings on his shoes, too—though if I recall, he only wore flats.

Photos: Gianni Pucci / (Dries); Courtesy of Carven

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