September 3 2014

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Is This The Face Of Spring ’11?


With the dust starting to settle on New York fashion week, one thing’s very clear: The seventies are back. Again. And rising from the rubble this time is an unlikely style icon: Shelley Duvall.

This isn’t the first rumbling of Duvall devotion. Marc Jacobs favorite Jamie Bochert is basically a dead ringer, and the heavy-bangs, center-parted shag that Duvall wore back in the day is making waves again. Those waiflike limbs that seem to go on forever—a little gawky, sure, but what could be better suited for all the high-waisted wide-leg trousers that walked the runway this week?

Peter Jensen dedicated his entire Spring collection to the actress (in her seventies iteration, that is). “Was ever a muse more perfect for Peter Jensen than Shelley Duvall?” he wonders in his collection notes. “Beautiful and awkward, chic and gangly, Duvall inspires a collection that takes seventies sophistication and marries it to a wide-eyed innocence.”

Not that innocent. Back in the seventies, Duvall was a thinking man’s sex symbol—the skittish stripper of Robert Altman’s Nashville, one of Alvy Singer’s neurotic conquests in Annie Hall. And here on the runways were clothes to match. Peasant tops at Rebecca Taylor looked like they’d been plucked straight from the firing-range scene in Altman’s 3 Women. The first few exits at Derek Lam were summer-ized, sexed-up versions of her hysterical housewife in The Shining. Marc Jacobs mined the Me Decade for both his main line and Marc by Marc collections, and his long, flouncy dresses would’ve suited her to a T.

Shelley, if you’re listening, your wardrobe’s ready—it hits stores this spring. Here’s hoping it’ll bring you back down to earth a bit. According to reports, you’re spending days in small-town Texas, on the hunt for aliens.

Nashville, left; Peter Jensen, right.

Annie Hall, left; Marc by Marc Jacobs, right.

Photos: Everett Collection (The Shining, top; Nashville); United Artists/Everett Collection (Annie Hall); Marcio Maderia/ (Marc by Marc Jacobs, Peter Jensen)



  1. james21 says:

    clever, clever, clever i love peter jensen but where is the review why is this collection being overlooked?

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