August 20 2014

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Lady, Be Good?


In her review of the Spring ’11 Peter Pilotto collection (pictured),’s Maya Singer takes issue with some of the ladylike dressing trends that have been swirling around the Spring collections in New York and now in London. “So many of the new ‘ladylike’ collections come off as a rebuke,” she writes. “Straighten up! Button that blouse! Cross your legs! You can practically feel some headmistress of the zeitgeist rapping your knuckles. Too many designers are not so much making clothes for grown-ups as admonishing their customers to grow up. The effect, ironically, is infantilizing.”

Pilotto and Christopher De Vos’ collection is held up as an exception—they’ve “figured out that looking like a lady doesn’t have to mean dressing like a priss”—but many of the studiedly proper collections we’ve seen over the past few weeks do have a bit of a schoolmarm vibe. That said, after several seasons of body-con dressing, they also come as a bit of a well-kempt relief.

What do you think? Are you ready for the new proper dressing, or do you miss the romper-stomper regalia of seasons gone by?

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  1. MarieElizabeth says:

    proper sure, but the sense of wearability seems impossible to ignore…like a less constrained version of the word

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