July 11 2014

styledotcom Modesty was the dominant theme during the second day of Berlin fashion week:

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Now, Girls Allowed


The noise was deafening, the room was packed, and Alice Glass of the Canadian electro outfit Crystal Castles was throwing herself around the stage like a rag doll—but compared to the star-studded ragers Don Hill’s has been throwing all fashion week, last night’s launch party for fashion mag The Dirty Durty Diary was actually pretty low-key. Larry Clark had been meant to host, but it was Irina Lazareanu who was holding down the front table with Nur Khan—literally. The crowd kept surging back into it, endangering their tequila. (But on the evidence of all the bottles DeLeón keeps on the wall to tout its sponsorship, there’s plenty more where that came from.)

Khan likes to say that one goal in rehabilitating Don Hill’s was to make it more “female-friendly,” and Lazareanu agreed that makes sense. “Nur has loads of female friends,” she chuckled, adding that even rocker chicks prefer clean bathrooms—”and we don’t like when the seat is up. With Babyshambles, touring with the four boys, I’d go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and fall right in the fucking bowl every time.”

Incidentally, Lazareanu is taking the stage with Doherty and Sean Lennon in Paris on October 4 for the show she says would have happened in New York last June, had Doherty not had been turned away by immigration authorities at JFK. “Apparently the French laws are not as extreme as the American ones,” she said. And the bathrooms? We won’t touch that one.

Photo: David X. Prutting/Billy Farrell Agency

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