August 30 2014

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Zahm Looks For Love
(But First, A Dance At Le Bain)


Last night, a heavy wind put a slight damper on what was to be Zadig & Voltaire’s dinner on the rooftop of the Standard. Instead of a windblown dinner, guests were served bite-sized sliders and sea bass downstairs, hot tub-side at Le Bain. But there was less eating going on than boogieing. The evening’s host, Purple‘s Olivier Zahm, who shoots the ad campaigns for the French label, spent much of his time chatting up Dree Hemingway (pictured with Zahm, above) and Byrdie Bell, and getting down on the dance floor with Irina Lazareanu and Eniko Mihalik (pictured with Zahm, top). “It’s a good floor to dance on; you can slide but not too much,” Zahm mused of the tiles.

Think of that dancing as research—Zahm is thinking of his next Z&V shoot and wants to focus on paramours. “I told them I want to shoot couples,” he said. “We haven’t decided yet, but one day it will be me with my new girlfriend.” (Zahm is newly single, a fact he announced with a heartfelt post on Purple‘s blog that set off a chain of online condolences.) Last night, he said he’s ready to change because “I’m always losing the one I love.”

But it’s not only his approach to romance that may evolve; it’s his look, too. “For men, it’s not easy to not be silly when you follow fashion. For a man your look has to be organic. I think I’m getting more and more into fashion. I want a cleaner look. It’s a softer touch because I feel like I need to be,” he says, gesturing to his ensemble, which included a black velvet dinner jacket. “Girls like it softer, right?”



  1. johnnymmm says:

    Olivier Zahm has sadly turned into a caricature of a caricature of a caricature of a cartoon. Having given himself a self-imposed demotion from a once brilliant editor/writer to a now blogging bore, Zahm now spends most of his time star-f***ing and girl sc**wing his brains out, where at one point his perspective was one of the freshest and most relevant in the industry. He’s become a total joke, nothing to take seriously anymore. That’s the real tragedy here… I’m so happy he was able to rally up so much support in the way of “online condolences” from a bunch of strangers re: his totally overblown and ridiculously self- publicized break up… These “supporters” are people who care more about getting Zahm to shoot their picture at a stupid party and throw their gorgeous faces on Purple Diary than pretty much anything else in the whole wide world.

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