August 23 2014

styledotcom Three questions for a powerhouse player in Brazil's fashion scene:

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Macy’s Goes Luxe, The Twins Go Gucci, And More…


Could a Macy’s collab inspire mass euphoria à la H&M? That seems to be the hope as the retailer announces a partnership with former Versace and Calvin Klein designer Kinder Aggugini today, the first of many fashion-forward partnerships to come. Call it the start of a Kinder, chic-er Macy’s. [NYT]

An early look at Jennifer Lopez’s much-touted Gucci ad—the one starring her toddler twins—appeared today, with all parties looking appropriately glamorous and adorable, depending. Let’s see how long Max can keep pureed peas off of his logo polo. [Us Weekly]

After a multi-day spending spree, Diego Della Valle scooped up 30.7 million shares of Saks stock, making him the majority stakeholder. Shall we expect more Tod’s at a certain department store, then? [WWD]

Today’s best leak: Daphne Guinness has a faulty bath. [NY Post]

Need some polos with your jeans? Come March, Lacoste will sell co-branded apparel at Earnest Sewn boutiques, and vice versa. Look for alligators on your back pockets. [WWD]

What Palin effect? Opinion is divided over whether pantsuits or “rump-hugging skirts” best serve women in politics. We nominate Celine as the ideal campaign trail label, and ask that all politicians steer clear of rump-hugging anything. [NYT]

A dentist weighs in on Kanye’s new diamond smile. Consensus: It’ll cost him. [NY Daily News]

Photo: Courtesy of Gucci