August 29 2014

styledotcom Emma Stone's bob inspires us to snap out of summer:

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Shopping For Mr. (Or Ms.) Pink


Fashion and film have long made for fine bedfellows. (Just take Marc Jacobs’ Taxi Driver-inspired Spring collection or Karl Lagerfeld’s myriad Last Year at Marienbad references throughout Chanel’s.) But to celebrate its new, decidedly modern digs just off a particularly glitzy strip of Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, L.A. boutique Ten Over Six is taking film-inspired fashion to a new level. Owners Brady Cunningham and Kristen Lee commissioned friend Lun*na Menoh (an artist, singer, and fashion designer whose husband does all of Ten Over Six’s book buying) to create one-of-a-kind garments inspired by ten iconic films, from The Deer Hunter to 8 ½. “They’re all handmade; each one is a little different and the label will tell you the movie, the year it was made, and the director. They’re fascinating pieces because they’re like a collage in a way,” Cunningham said, pointing to a collared shirt with tie and cardigan that references Reservoir Dogs. For verification, you only needed to look at the wall—at the opening party on Saturday night, clips from the ten films screened on a loop.

Of course, it’s not only film fashion at the new space. Dresses from Vena Cava, capes from Ten Over Six’s in-house line, and embellished footwear made in collaboration with NYC jewelry line du jour Anndra Neen are all on offer, too. And, tucked away behind a semi-transparent partition is Cunningham and Lee’s work/design space. As they say in Hollywood, it’s where the magic happens.

Ten Over Six is located at 8425 Melrose Ave., L.A., (323) 330-9355,

Photo: Courtesy of Ten Over Six

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