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The Life Of Keef, Often In Leopard


Unbelievably, Keith Richards—style icon, rock god, Rolling Stone—has made it to the wizened age of 66 (short only, one imagines, a third 6 for proper demonic classification). Long enough, even, to put out his autobiography ($29.99, in stores and online today) and call it Life. (As David Remnick gleefully notes in his review of the book in The New Yorker, New Musical Express put Richards on its annual list of “rock stars most likely to die” in 1972, and kept him on for a full decade thereafter.)

Life is well worth the cover price for its backstage peek at the Stones’ discography and its members’ impressive catalog of conquests, but it’s a solid reminder, too, of just what a style-setter Richards has always been. He was a natty, sweater-and-slacks type in the sixties, and a boho to end all bohos in the seventies. (Steven Tyler doesn’t hold the patent on fluttering scarves.) And glancing back through the kohl-eyed sartorial history, we noticed something. Keef is one of leopard print’s most committed early adopters; he’s been wearing it since newer fans like Riccardo Tisci and company were in short pants. Above, in concert throughout the seventies and eighties, Richards rocked spots with aplomb. Makes sense, really. He’s one of the original wild men.

Photos, clockwise from top left: Clockwise from Top-left: Graham Wiltshire / Rex USA; Rocky Widner / Retna Ltd.; Walter McBride / Retna Ltd.; Michael Putland / Retna Ltd.



  1. mfvandyke says:

    and he wears it well…

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