August 21 2014

styledotcom Sneakers and dresses make a killer combo for Fall:

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Who Are You Tricking Yourself Out As?


Anything goes when it comes to dressing up on Halloween. That’s why it’s the fashion flock’s favorite holiday—well, that, and the once-a-year guilt-free opportunity to eat as much candy as possible. If we’ve seen a few too many Karl Lagerfelds and Donatella Versaces on the costume party circuit in recent years, the Spring runways and front rows were rife with alternative possibilities. Anybody dare to imitate the self-proclaimed Lady Gaga of fashion, Anna Dello Russo? Or a certain mutton-chopped, plaid shirt-favoring photographer? Or perhaps Louis Vuitton zebra paint is more your thing?

Click here for a slideshow of suggestions and helpful hints, and let us know what you’ll be wearing.

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /



  1. novakati says:

    that was really stupid.

  2. alexiswolfish says:

    silk, thigh highs and a ridiculous corset

    Nothing more fun than dressing as Dita!

  3. Aliceking says:

    Anything goes when it comes to dressing up on Halloween? of cause, i am going to wear a Gohst mask, a nice costume and my cute hermes handbag or prada handbag

  4. MymsCollection says:

    As Halloween looks go, this is the best one! Stylish and yet off beat and fun!

  5. glennHilario says:

    This an amazing top, amazing neck line and construction, great avant-garde piece, Superb!!!
    Glenn Hilario

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