August 29 2014

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Keeping The Fath


The name Jacques Fath doesn’t ring as familiar as that of some of his contemporaries, Christian Dior and Pierre Balmain. But the couturier, who founded his namesake house in 1937 (it closed following the designer’s untimely death from leukemia in 1954), was considered one of the most influential of the post-war French designers, with an enviable client base—including Rita Hayworth, who wore a Fath gown to her wedding—and a few Hollywood gigs. (He designed costumes for Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s The Red Shoes, and the revered French noir Quai des Orfèvres.)

But Fath is on the rise again, much like the revived couture houses of Worth and Paquin, which are stirring to life in Paris. Fath is relaunching in the U.S. under the direction of Laurence Dumenil, whose first full line of accessories debuts for Spring ’11. Before that, though, a capsule collection, inspired by the house archives: Hand-made in a family-owned factory in Angers, France, styles like the Fidelity—pictured, and coming soon to L.A.’s Satine—hint at the label’s luxurious taste. It could very well find an appreciative audience again.

Photo: Courtesy of Jacques Fath



  1. topslimming says:

    It is really beautiful

  2. NathalieG says:

    I love this item but I am sure it’s real expensive! Luckily I may be able to get it up to 80% off…. I have found an auction website that you can buy pre-paid Visas and giftcards. I bought a 100$ giftcard for only $19.00 this morning at Hmmm…. if I save enough I may be able to buy this purse just in time for Christmas!

  3. kiira says:

    I love this clutch!! I just saw it on Sienna Miller in the gala of the brit fashion awards.. and I was wondering from who was it. big fan of jacques fath now!
    tnx for the tip where i can get it too.. !

  4. Emily11778 says:

    I was at the balenciaga exhibit this week end and on one of the tearsheets of a mag i saw his name next to Balenciaga.. for sure this guy did know how to rock in fashion!

  5. kimR says:

    You can get it on
    others beautiful bags on it.

  6. CaeliNYC_dot_com says:

    looks very pretty! thanks for sharing.

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