July 29 2014

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Nervous? Just Imagine The Audience In Their Underwear


There were plenty of old-timers—relatively speaking, of course—among the angelic host at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show yesterday. “I think a lot of these young girls haven’t developed yet,” said Shannan Click, a three-time veteran of the show. “A lot of the girls here have experience. [The young ones] get to meet the older girls and learn from them.”

So how did the newbies—many of them longtime veterans of the editorial world—feel about their first time? “It’s pretty exciting because it’s so different from all the other shows,” said Jacquelyn Jablonski, a first-timer. “You can actually smile and be yourself.” (Asked about her favorite shows to walk in, she named Lanvin—though she wasn’t smiling, then. “I wasn’t one of the lucky girls who got to wear flats,” she recalled.) Her fellow Jablonski, Constance (no relation, by the way), was taking her inaugural VS walk, too. “I have actually my French friend Heloise [Guerin]; it’s her first time doing the show also,” she said. “It’s us two Frenchies having such a big moment together.”

Was the new class nervous about their undressed debuts? Nah. “My family knows and they’re more excited about this show than any others,” said Magdalena Frackowiak. “No, my mom’s not nervous about me wearing just underwear because it’s all hidden.” She’d take to the runway in a giant, tattooed pair of wings and a leather corset (pictured). “It’s just like wearing a dress,” she shrugged, “except there are parts missing.”

Photo: Billy Farrell/



  1. MaryShaw says:

    Isn’t it supposed to be “Just imagine the MODELS in their underwear”?

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