April 21 2014

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John Galliano “Walks On Clouds” At The Met


New York is bustling with Parisians at the moment: Gallic shoe man Pierre Hardy has just been in town to open his first-ever NYC boutique (and fête it with a party, bien sûr), and last night, John Galliano toasted the newly refurbished Dior shop on 57th Street with a cocktail bash (and the new Miss Dior Cherie, Natalie Portman, on his arm). checked with Galliano for a few words on the Big Apple—a city that, in his words, “electrifies” him.

Do you come to New York frequently?
I often come, but under radar for research. I go to the galleries, the markets and films—I call it my research period where I come here to be inspired.

Any places in particular?
So many… I was here just a month ago doing some research for Galliano, for the collection in 2012, and I visited various vintage dealers. Always, I am electrified by my trips to the Metropolitan Museum and catch up with Harold and Andrew and just to see the great art, I sometimes thirst for that… I feel like I am walking on clouds when I am at the [Met].

What about the New York Dior customer? Does she differ from her international counterparts?
I have to be honest with you—the Dior customer differs worldwide. It doesn’t matter the city really, I mean what’s interesting to me is the take on Dior and how she is inspired by it and how she puts it together, and I think that’s the inspiring thing. As one can see, in New York, they are groomed and glossy and as tall as the skyscrapers—which I love.

Photo: Steve Eichner