August 30 2014

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The 2011 Sweatshirt Outlook: Strong


2010 may go down in fashion history as the year we reclaimed our gym clothes. Designers embraced the mélange sweatshirt, which almost immediately became the piece to have. In Europe, Dries Van Noten kicked off the trend with his elegantly urbane Fall ’10 show. So did Isabel Marant, a longtime sweatshirt enthusiast, who gussied hers up with disco sparkle. In New York, the Marc Jacobs opened with a sleeveless sweatshirt on his then-new discovery Tati Cotliar, and Alexander Wang sent out plenty of big-shouldered versions at his football-themed Fall show.

Since then, the fever has raged on. While girls on a budget have discovered that The Gap makes a pretty serviceable version, big spenders went wild for Bally’s three-figure version, one of the new ideas from the label’s new designers, Graeme Fidler and Michael Herz, who showed them for Spring. And just yesterday, in his pre-fall collection, Phillip Lim debuted his own new take (left)—one that was inspired by the slouchy sweats his assistants were wearing to the office. His model comes embellished with crystals for a piece that’ll play anywhere. “Smart move,” wrote Nicole Phelps. With its new glamour, it’s as ready for the office as the after-party—and officially emancipated from the gym.

Photo: Courtesy of 3.1 Phillip Lim

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