August 29 2014

styledotcom Emma Stone's bob inspires us to snap out of summer:

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David Bowie: Do You See His Influence?


It’s been a golden year for David Bowie references on the runways. Dries Van Noten and Lanvin‘s Lucas Ossendrijver channeled DB’s Thin White Duke persona at the Fall 2011 men’s shows, as did Richard Nicoll at his Spring women’s presentation back in September. And the pop star’s 1983 flick, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, proved inspirational to Roland Mouret’s latest Mr. collection. But a stroll through the archives indicates that it was always thus, and it’s not just his satin jumpsuits, sharp-shouldered jackets, and jaunty hats that have influenced men’s and women’s fashion. If you look closely, you’ll notice he was rocking the no-eyebrow look way back in 1973.

Click for a slideshow and let us know if you see the connections between runway and real life (if we can apply such a mundane term to rock’s greatest chameleon). And while we’re at it, did we miss any of your favorite Bowie fashion moments?



  1. ergallais says:

    Hi …
    For the 2 firsts it’s amazing ….for the others no, his looks are strongers than the “interpretations”
    But it’s an nice spot.

  2. mtmarieta says:

    Agree with ergallais!
    His clothes really match his soul and music…<3

  3. puji says:

    Now that you mention it,, it does seem like ziggy stardust was on everyone’s mind, while designing. :D

  4. rachelkibbe says:

    ummm….i see the first one- it’s practically an exact replica. the other ones are huge stretches. they’re styles that are probably influenced by the exact same things he was influenced by.

  5. hanamay says:

    Loving that hair.

    hana may

  6. henriette1 says:

    first 2 looks convincing, Chloe look EXACTLY! but the rest I don’t really see it…but good images none the less..

  7. cdd2345 says:

    I can understand all of them (the first where the strongest in my opinion) but the ziggy stardust outfit and the prada one just do not look like they are related to me.

  8. chutch says:

    That Roland Mouret look could just as easily be attributed to Kim Jong-il.

  9. Sukhpreet says:

    HA; well played, chutch.

  10. beautyfiendblog says:

    He influences so many in the fashion and music world.


  11. Jessejames says:

    I agree, the first 2 I can see it, the others are definately stretches.

  12. Malarmalex says:

    David Bowie will forever be a style (and musical) inspiration. He rocked those looks like a sexy starman! <3

  13. jjdonnelly says:

    bowie is truely a style icon in very sense if the word. his influence was on nearly every designers mind this season. and always has been, the beauty about his style is its equally inspirational for men and women. in some cases i would be more inclined to wear what bowie is wearing then the interpretation!!

  14. zenkibo says:

    David Bowie has made such an impact on me that I recently named my son Bowie. I wish in his lifetime he also will make no apologies and play by his own rules, just like the thin white duke.

  15. iFashion2011 says:

    Aha, beautiful for them, perfect

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