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If You’re Going To The Kickoff, You’re Going To Need The Right Shoes


Most of the country will be tuning in to the Super Bowl this Sunday to watch the Packers take on the Steelers. But twelve F.I.T. students will be paying particularly close attention—to the halftime entertainment, at least. The Black Eyed Peas are booked to perform the mid-game show, and for the aspiring designers-to-be on Footwear News‘ new online reality show, FN Shoe Star, Fergie might as well be their homework. The pop star plays a starring role in the new Web series, where she’ll challenge the contestants to design a shoe around her and with her. Anyone who reads the celeb weeklies knows she’s got a taste for peeptoes and booties, but those hoping to succeed—the winner, selected during the final round of judging in June, will win a design position with sponsor Brown Shoe (which produces Fergie’s own footwear collection)—will need to keep a close eye on their collaborator-to-be. The lady already appeared on the first episode, which debuted at late last month. On Monday, the 12 finalists will be narrowed to six contestants and the game will truly begin. So if you find yourself elbow to elbow with a fashion student at McNulty’s on Sunday, you’ll know why. Do her a favor: Don’t get any wing sauce on her sketchpad.

Photo: Courtesy of Footwear News

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