April 21 2014

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Katie Holmes, Face Of The Future


Women in Film, a nonprofit group dedicated, as its press materials explain, to helping women achieve their highest potential within the global entertainment, communication, and media industries, has named Katie Holmes its 2011 Women In Film Max Mara Face of the Future. At the risk of dating ourselves, we’ll admit to loving Holmes as Joey on Dawson’s Creek well over a decade ago, so what’s an A-lister like her doing getting an award like this? Holmes, in fact, has a very bright future, to hear her tell it. The actress and better half to Tom Cruise is in Milan to attend today’s MaxMara show (the Italian label sponsors the award); sat down with her between shows yesterday to talk film and fashion. In a suite at the Principe Hotel, she rattled off no less than half a dozen projects. There’s the Kennedy series in which she stars as Jackie, launching in April; Guillermo del Toro’s Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, coming in August; an Adam Sandler movie due out at Thanksgiving; and, don’t forget, she had a movie with Al Pacino at Sundance last month. “Do you say it until you’re on stage? I’m also setting up a play on Broadway,” she told us.

Holmes had nothing but positives to say about portraying Jackie, including wearing a Giorgio Armani-made version of the First Lady’s famous pink suit, but the Great White Way holds plenty of appeal, too. “You get there at 7 p.m. and you leave at 10:30, and the next morning you’re in Central Park pushing the swings.” What comes after her second stab at Broadway? (Her first was All My Sons with Dianne Wiest and John Lithgow.) “I’d like to do a period piece because I’ve never done that,” Holmes began. “I’d like to do more comedy; I grew up watching and I still love Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn. I also love Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, women who find a bit of humor in what they’re going through, who feel like they could be your friend. Renée Zellweger, she’s another one who you go, ‘Oh, I like this person, I’ll go on that journey with her.’ ” As for her current journey, Holmes had this to say about MaxMara’s Highlands-influenced show: “I loved it, especially the full pants with the high slide slits that looked like a skirt, and the coats, of course.”

Photo: Courtesy of MaxMara