September 2 2014

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Friends And Fans Convene At Loden Dager’s New L.A. Digs


Loden Dager’s Paul Marlow and Alex Galan were in L.A. for the city’s fledgling fashion week this Saturday, but it wasn’t to stage a full-scale show or meet the press. “It’s about friends,” Galan said at the New York-based brand’s new West Coast showroom, in the front room of a Sunset Boulevard printing studio. And friends, in this case, meant the Like’s Tennessee Thomas, Glee costume designer Lou Eyrich, and David Arquette (left, with Marlow). “What we’re doing here is not open to the public,” Galan continued. In other words, this isn’t Loden Dager’s first retail store. Rather, the showroom will hopefully help to expand the presence of the brand at West Coast stores, though it will host rotating art exhibitions in the coming months. (Art books will also be wholesaled there; Galan daylights at D.A.P., Distributed Art Publishers.)

But “about friends” might be the subtitle to the Loden Dager story. The brand has grown largely through word of mouth as industry insiders and in-the-know types let pals and acquaintances in on the secret. That secret is one that’s been spreading faster these past few seasons—last year, LD was a finalist for the Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund. “That was the most fun experience you can have in fashion—the feeling of camaraderie you get to feel getting to know all of these amazing designers,” Galan said.

That award came with a trip to L.A., one that gelled nicely with the Loden Dager aesthetic. (“L.A. is much more casual [than New York],” said Marlow, who designs the line with Oliver Helden, “and a big portion of our line is dressy casual.”) It also gave the designers a chance to make some new friends—including those in high places. “I just fell in love with the Sunset Tower the last time I was here,” Galan said. “The maître d’, Dimitri, I’m obsessed with him. He was like, ‘You and your friends are cool.’ That idea that you’ll have all of these very rich, I’m sure Russian mafia people waiting for a table, and he’ll be like, ‘I got you a table’—it’s amazing. I love the way that culture works here. New York is a bit tougher about that kind of thing.”

Photo: Brian Leggett

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