August 31 2014

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Marco Zanini’s Paris Fashion Week Diary


Today in Paris, Rochas designer Marco Zanini presented his latest collection for the house. He had his camera in hand as he and his sister, Miki, who works on styling the shows, prepared the shoes, the looks, and the girls, and asked and answered that all-important question: hat or no hat?

“Astrakhan craze!”

“Our shoes arrived on time…a miracle!”

“Our lovely Julia having a break between looks. To get to the tight selection of 35, we tried at least 200!”

“Miki analyzing each look.”

“Our soundtrack of the week: C.W. Stoneking’s ‘Jungle Blues’ played on a loop.”

“Hat or no hat?”


“The essentials…”

“Up against the wall for a last picture…”

Photos: Marco Zanini / Courtesy of Rochas



  1. marlor says:

    ….Just TOP!

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