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On Our Radar: Marie-Hélène De Taillac Embroidered Jewelry


It’s not just short skirts and thin tops that are casualties of cold weather—jewelry can take a backseat in low-temperature dressing, too. But accessories aficionados who can’t bear to hide their rings and bracelets under woolly gloves are in luck. Their fellow obsessive, jeweler Marie-Hélène de Taillac, has teamed up with two of Paris’ best to offer a remedy: “jewelry” embroidered onto knit accessories. E+J, Emanuela Calvi and Jane Cattani’s primo Parisian cashmere house, provided the gloves and hats, couture purveyor Lesage did the embroidery, and voilà: trompe l’oeil rings and bangles, no cold hands required.

The three collaborators—all of whom professed to be longtime fans of one another’s work—began with a one-ring glove that debuted in December at de Taillac’s Paris shop and; the collection has now grown to include scarves with an embroidery of de Taillac’s jeweled safety pin, headbands with a medallion, and several more gloves, including one with a tangle of gold chains.

Photo: Courtesy of E+J Cashmere

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