August 31 2014

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Tokyo Rallies To Keep Spirits Up As Quakes Continue And Fear Of Radiation Grows


In Japan, as earthquakes continue, fears of nuclear radiation grow, and snow falls in the troubled Tohoku region, many in Tokyo try to function somewhat normally.

At Garter and Spank!, two shops in the trendy neighborhood of Koenji, owners Koshiro Ebata and Tavuchi, respectively, tweeted and blogged that they are open for business. So is Xanadu in Harajuku, a hot spot for young Japanese fashion design. “If I don’t keep the store open, my designers can’t eat,” said owner Tatsuro Motohashi. “I have to support them.” Miharayasuhiro closed its Tokyo boutique, but part of the team, like PR manager Noe Okamoto, is at the office packing up their international deliveries to get them out by the end of the month. Street-style blogger Mamy, a fixture around Omote-sando, posted some photos today.

“This moment reminds me of how my mother used to recount that during the war she would talk about movies and her favorite actors in the shelter,” United Arrows creative director (and Sartorialist regular) Hirofumi Kurino shared in a note to all employees. The company is keeping stores open. Kurino emphasizes the importance of continuing normal life, and fashion and beauty especially at a time like this. “Fashion, happiness, fantasy…is what helps people. After every night, there is a bright morning.”

Meanwhile, donations keep pouring in. Coach has pledged the equivalent of $4 million to the Japanese Red Cross, H&M has closed all Kanto area stores so employees can be with their families, but will continue to compensate all staff until stores reopen. And earlier this evening, Emperor Akihito made his first appearance on TV since the tragic incidents (below), sending out prayers to victims.

Photos: Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert / Getty Images; Tiffany Godoy



  1. thebaghagdiaries says:

    I love that Japan, while faced with adversity, can still be united in efforts to help each other out. There is a solid support system in place from all industries. Very commendable.

  2. Juree says:

    May those who lost their lives, rest in peace. May those who survive, never lose their hope. May Gods help us all.

  3. rachel333 says:

    I am terribly sorry for the people of Japan. What has happened there is truly a disaster, but the way the people there are staying optomistic and recovering is really remarkable. I am so impressed, and I hope they continue to keep their spirits up whether their outlet for hope be fashion, music, cooking, friends, family, or anything else.

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