August 30 2014

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Is Gender-Neutral Fashion The Future?


Plenty of celebs were snapped at Coachella last weekend, but the picture that got the most play was the one of Kanye West in women’s Spring 2011 Celine. Our first thought: Was Dan Gainor notified? (Gainor, in case you missed “Toemaggedon,” is one of the conservative media critics who criticized J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons for painting her son’s toes pink, calling it “gender-bending.”) Our second: You gotta give Kanye credit; he’s got great taste in girls’ clothes. He’s not alone. Lately, we’ve noticed a lot of men sporting women’s runway looks. Take Andrew Mukamal, current sittings assistant at Seventeen and former employee of Kelly Cutrone, and wearer of Balenciaga and Proenza Schouler. “It’s pretty simple,” he said, explaining his interest in fashion designed for the opposite sex. “Women have more options. Their collections explore different shapes, fabrics, prints, colors, proportions. Menswear collections don’t go there.” Some women might beg to differ, though. On the flip side, we’ve recently noticed a few fashionable girls succumbing to the allure of a well-cut men’s jacket, starting with Anna Dello Russo in Umit Benan and Taylor Tomasi Hill in Comme des Garçons.

CLICK FOR A SLIDESHOW of our favorite girl-for-boy and boy-for-girl pics, and let us know if we missed anyone.




  1. rachelkibbe says:

    I love this trend- it’s been a long time coming and I’m glad it’s not just a fad!!! I love men’s clothing- the fabrics, the cut. Waxed cotton is my jam. And I also love the new trend towards men exploring women’s clothing. I think it is all a very beautiful thing. Andrew Mukamal is one of the most elegant men I’ve ever seen too. Great article. It made my day.

  2. kctoku says:

    yes, KANYE!!! who decided men cannot wear clothes which are designed for women!? ENJOY YOUR STYLE!!

  3. msdee says:

    I love his style! My 19yr old son Ian Isaiah, has been mixing fashion the same way for years,initially I was not pleased with his fashion choices. However,he has sense of style and fashion, and is often stopped and photographed in Soho.

  4. TheBoomboxKid says:

    Gender neutrality is more then a trend. Hopefully it will create a new wave of dressing where men and women can share their wardrobes. Viva la androgynie!

  5. pressefr says:

    I am a guy that wears womenswear. I’m glad you brought it up subject. Menswear hasn’t elevated unique clothing and pushing the envelope with strong trends and looks.

    With womenswear you can evoke the same essences and l’air as a woman can project in clothing and styling because there is more variety to work with.

  6. pressefr says:

    Female models that wear clothes doesn’t represent womenswear directly. They are suppose to be a hanger and it takes the person to style and put it all together to translate as one’s own personality.

  7. sjmwilson says:

    Love it that Kanye has so much front with this trend. Check out a similar article of unisex fashion here…ẻ-cool/1121

  8. kristyfruition says:

    What makes this so fresh is that while women borrowing from men’s closets has both become accepted and typical, men doing the feminine look has so far been relegated to “cross-dressing.”

    What makes it so great that Kanye is pioneering this trend is that it shows it’s not for the gays only. This blurring of the sexes has the potential to have great implications of gender roles in the rest of society.

  9. JulietWhiskey says:

    love it.

  10. people says:

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