August 23 2014

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On Our Radar: Yazbukey


Everywhere in fashion, eyes are turning to the East: Asian models are flooding the catwalks, labels are staging shows in China, and brands are racing to open new and bigger stores to keep up with demand. The Paris-based jeweler Yaz Bukey is taking inspiration from Asia, too, though hers started a little closer to home. “I met a feng shui master that came to change my flat,” Bukey says. “When she went into my room, she asked what kind of energy I wanted. I told her I wanted sexual energy.”

No telling whether the feng shui master did gin up some more sexual energy for her bedroom, but she did lend an Asian flair to Hong Kong Garden, the new collection from Yazbukey, the line Bukey designs with her sister, Emel. The label’s Plexiglas pieces have been a favorite of street-style stalwarts for some time, thanks to their appealing mix of kitsch and class. “We have to be light because life is already hard enough,” Bukey tells “This has got to be fun.” The latest is just that, featuring yin-yang symbols and goldfish pendant necklaces, along with others that have her signature lips and fingers, as well as a few nameplate necklaces that read—in place of names—Amour, Maybe, and (ahem) Fuck You. A razor-sharp set of geometric pieces takes its inspiration from the underworld—”there is a dark side of it that’s more Hong Kong nightlife, sex, and mafia,” she explains.

In July, Bukey will display the collection at an installation she’s designing, inspired by the market stalls set up by Paris’ African immigrants. “It’s an homage to the 18th arrondissement in the nineties, famous for their markets,” she says. “There’s going to be things on the wall, things you can buy and pineapples and coconuts to eat.”

Photo: Courtesy of Yazbukey

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