August 29 2014

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Orlando Bloom, From Shower To Stage


Last night at the Sunshine Landmark Theatre, at the debut of his new Mark Ruffalo-directed film, Sympathy for Delicious, Orlando Bloom revealed a hidden talent: singing.

Bloom stars in the rock-music-meets-faith-healing (yes, really) flick as The Stain, a self-absorbed, Russell Brand-esque rocker. And though the English actor takes to the stage throughout, he never actually had to test out his vocal chops to get the part. Luckily, it turned out they’d been there all along. Bloom impressed his cast mates, Laura Linney, Juliette Lewis, Christopher Thornton, and Ruffalo—not to mention himself—when it came time to record the live concerts. “Singing was a happy surprise—that was a big one, especially since my character does a lot of it in the movie,” he said. Before now, his performances were mostly of the private variety. “I sing in the shower all the time,” he admitted. “My wife thinks I am pretty good.”

Mrs. Bloom—a.k.a. Miranda Kerr—was on hand at the DeLeón-fueled after-party at the Mondrian Soho to confirm. “He has got an incredible voice and I’m really proud of what he did with the role; it was something different for him,” Kerr told As for her preferred role at the moment? New mom. “I just started back working a little bit, but not too much because my priority is being a mother—it’s a magical experience.”

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