August 20 2014

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George Condo Wants To Dress Mel Gibson As Jesus, Make Some “Crazy, Sparkly Outfits” Like At The Victoria’s Secret Show


Artist George Condo is having a pretty major moment: A retrospective of his work is on view at the New Museum, he’s worked with Adam Kimmel to create masks for his menswear shows (not to mention lent some of his signature gargoyle-ish motifs to Kimmel’s collections), and was tapped by Kanye West to design not only the cover for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but also a series of limited-edition scarves. But when caught up with Condo at last night’s Party in the Garden at MoMA (special guest performer: Kanye West), we learned that he’s not ready to give up fashion just yet.

You’ve just finished working on a series of scarves with Kanye West. What’s next?
I want to do clothes. You know those crazy, sparkly outfits they have at the Victoria’s Secret runway show? I want to do something like that, but a full outfit.

Who would you like to design one for?
I wouldn’t mind designing one for Rihanna or…who is my favorite one? [He turns to ask his wife.] Beyoncé! I would love to do Mel Gibson and dress him as Jesus all over again. Oh, and I would love to do a suit for Kanye.

What would Kanye’s look like?
It would be something really tough. Sort of like an old-fashioned tux but made out of a different material. Maybe entirely black silk?

Tell me about your first meeting with him.
He came to the studio to look at the paintings and was very alive. I was excited to hear what he was doing and he was excited by what I was doing and then he blasted out “Power.” It was so loud and so mind-blowing.

Photo: Owen Hoffmann / Patrick McMullan

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