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Lauren Hutton Assures: Glenn O’Brien’s Book Will Make You Better In Bed


Kate Moss went on the record—and on the book jacket, in fact—to support Glenn O’Brien’s How to Be a Man. But she’s far from the only stylish woman (to say nothing of the men) to do so. “Read this book it—it will make you better in bed,” Lauren Hutton advised last night. “It makes you more of a gentleman, it makes you think and what could be better than thinking?” (The affection is evidently mutual: The silver-haired writer called Hutton out as his paragon of well-dressed womanhood in an interview with Hutton, along with some eminently well-suited gents, including Thom Browne, André Balazs, Stephen Burrows, Richard Buckley, and GQ‘s Jim Nelson, lined up at Bergdorf Goodman Men’s for an autographed copy of the book.

Balazs mentioned he’s known O’Brien since their club kid days at Area in the early eighties—and presumably seen him through a few sartorial iterations. “What he knows is not to let the clothes define the man, but the other way around,” the hotelier said.

But in some cases, the scribe himself helped to define the man. Rap legend Fab Five Freddy, who worked as a cameraman for O’Brien’s cable-access show TV Party, credits the guy for launching his music career. “It’s a lot deeper than how to be a man,” he explained. “From Glenn, I learned how to insert myself into the popular culture.”

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