August 29 2014

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Team Dolce Vs. Team Pucci: Which Side Are You On?


In the celebrity dressing stakes, two houses have come out on top this spring: Dolce & Gabbana and Emilio Pucci. There was something about the almost all-white, hope chest-inspired collection of the former and the bohemian Grecian vibe of the latter that made them irresistible to A-listers and their stylists. We’re chalking it up to the fact that Messieurs Dolce and Gabbana and Pucci’s Peter Dundas specialize in the sort of va-va-voom, take-no-prisoners silhouettes that the paparazzi—especially the tuxedo-clad paparazzi at the Cannes Film Festival—live for. But what’s your take on the subject?

CLICK FOR A SLIDESHOW and weigh in below.



  1. Mysiolina says:

    Dolce & Gabbana dresses remind me of white, lace dress which I got from grandmother – they’re cute, but Pucci’s dresses are more elegant, sexy, especially the beautiful black-gold creation (Beyoncé).

  2. FranB96 says:

    Both represent are good examples of the boho trend that is going around the Fall runways. Dolce & Gabbana goes about it the classic way, while Pucci often brings that sexy element which young hollywood seems to love. I pick Dundas for Pucci only because I HATED Dolce´s last Fall collection, but both sides seem to be able to hold it together

  3. carolwho says:

    I like the way that Dolce & Gabbana put a modern spin on classic looks. Although they are well constructed, the Pucci dresses in the slideshow don’t have the greatest silhouettes and put an awkward emphasis on certain parts of the body. I do love all of these designers, though, so it’s hard to choose.

  4. oliviatinker says:

    BIBLEblog loves Dolce! <3

  5. studioera86 says:

    Though I love Pucci, I prefer D&G. They’re more classic, chic, feminine, which is more my style. Pucci has a more relaxed feel to it, more revealing, more loose fits.

  6. chocolateharts says:

    Definitely Dolce!

  7. marcat says:

    Dolce & Gabbana is a classic brand with beautiful timeless pieces, although i prefer Pucci, because everything is so fresh and fierce. Peter Dundas uses vibrant colors and beautifully detailed designs.

  8. graciemillicent says:

    I would have said straight up dolce but after looking at pucci they are equally as dreamy! torn!

  9. dodence_bt says:

    If Domenico and Stefano somehow decided to change their theme (which they’ve been doing for 4 seasons now, it’s getting seriously boring) maybe I would’ve picked them, but right now I’m on the Pucci band-wagon just because Dundas is pulling the strings in the fashion industry by creating extremely sexy and elegant daytime and evening clothes that definitely sell.

  10. gillot23 says:

    Dolce Dolce Dolce! The Pucci’s are all foul! Apologise? No, shan’t!

  11. Tata says:

    D&G last collections seem to me overdone with lace and animal prints. I prefer Pucci.

  12. lafashionista626 says:

    It was close, but D&G

  13. Clacroix says:

    Dolce. They took the summer white lace that EVERYONE is doing, but put it in a different context. Their dresses make you envious of the life you don’t have. Their facade oozes sophistication, yet beneath the surface they have the soul of a truly dainty wildflower.

  14. Florencewatson00 says:

    No contest, really.
    Boho, Vampy, and modern = Pucci!

  15. cckatie says:

    Emilio Pucci for the win! It’s a lot more sassy and modern than Dolce’s dresses for Hollywood. I think they represent hollywood glamour a lot more than Dolce which is something which looks like it should be worn conveniently to a nice lunch or something, although both beautiful in each design I love Pucci’s right now.

  16. devi_kusumawardani says:

    i’m on PUCCI!!!

  17. junglechick says:


  18. victorvargas says:

    I would say Dolce e Gabbana, their looks are sexy but remain sophisticated. That said, Peter Dundas makes some beautiful dresses.

  19. Mocass says:

    I prefer Pucci, because of the classic feel to it
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  20. carinagefull says:

    I love Both of them Pucci and Dolce & Gabbana They both rocked the carpet!

  21. luizcr says:

    I love both brands, but Peter Dundas’ vision brought to life Pucci, is no secret that Pucci was not exactly on the spotlight that often on previous years, Dundas brings a fresh air to the fashion industry and recent collections are such a delightful experience.

  22. marimag09 says:

    Dolce Dolce Dolce

  23. TottoChan says:

    Both really, but I must say: that blue is drawing me to the lure. Pucci is sensational, it shaped with so much desires.

  24. woyaogege says:

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  25. aliciav says:

    Team Dolce all the way. Pucci’s clothes are wonderful but can sometimes come off too mermaid-like for my taste. Dolce looks elegant, crisp and chic every time.

  26. Jheminie says:

    Pucci’s line is so much more visually enticing. The white got so boring with Dolce you almost fail to see the detail, atlhough nicely made as always, it seemed so “done”. Pucci’s vibrancy made my surfing fingers dangle in the air while i stopped and stared, even the white displayed by Pucci caputred more interest than the granny lace, we’ve seen so often

  27. coolchick says:

    i totally pucci is a better designer than dolce. dolces dresses are old fashioned and most of them that i saw had the same type of lace and cut for the bottom.

  28. jacquee says:

    D&G show that they’re pretty masterful with that dress that Kate Bosworth is wearing. It shows that they know how to use white, it accents a lot and against the duller tone it breaks up the pattern. I love everything they presented.
    However, Pucci makes electric blue acceptable. I love Rihanna’s dress, it’s funk and youthful. Plus his use of ‘less is more’ is more classy than hussy.
    I’m torn, D&G is like 60% and Pucci is 40% for me.

  29. Eileenie says:

    Although I love both brands, these slideshows tell me that I would prefer Dolce&Gabbana.

  30. janecuthbert says:

    I’m loving the Dolce & Gabbana dresses. They are so elegant, that it will never fail to become a head turner, meanwhile Pucci’s dresses are great too. They give me this aura that sweet and sexy can go in one ensemble.

  31. SDJW says:


  32. babinsky says:

    i’ve always loved Dolce and Gabbana! their designs are simple, chic and NEVER boring. their dresses embody femininity and sexiness without being promiscuous.

  33. IzzySwan says:

    I Love both its hard too pick I think both are beautiful!

  34. thafashiongal says:

    TEAM Dolce! Though Pucci kicked up the outfits a notch by giving it a more edgy feel, but hey, Dolce, it’s simple and clean. So definitely team dolce!

  35. eburke5 says:

    Honestly i love dolce and gabana’s turn out the dress’s are sweet and innocent looking And remind me of summer days in the vintage era I didnt love dolces lasdt collection but now i think they have returned triumpahntly Pucci of course has beutiful and sexy dresse’s but dolce and gabbana have created an atmosphere of smiles – and times gone by.

  36. JAKS says:

    Team Pucci, of course!

  37. suzi002 says:

    I like Team Pucci ! and a big fan !

  38. AnnaD says:

    Dolce & Gabbana look amazing, their dressing are simple but elegant, perfect!
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  39. ozonematte says:

    Both Dolce and Pucci rocks the carpet. but Pucci’s dresses are elegant, beautiful and most importantly sexy. i am a big fan.

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