August 20 2014

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The Pratt Pack


There were plenty of hugs and kisses exchanged between Jane Pratt and her guests last night as they arrived at the Jane Hotel to celebrate the launch of her latest media venture, On her move from magazines to digital, she said, “It’s so raw—I love that you make mistakes and people see them. I have always wanted people to be able to see that process.”

If you wanted to see her process, you needed only to head to dinner at Café Gitane last night. Pratt, her staff, and a few of her famous friends were on hand—and those famous friends are also, she revealed, soon to be staffers of sorts. “Courtney [Love] and I are talking about having her write a regular column for us,” Pratt told “She brings a whole new perspective to whatever she does.” Pratt got plenty of Love when her 1992 Sassy cover girl arrived at the after-party. They greeted one another with multiple hugs and girlish squeals of excitement—in other words, like the oldest of friends, which, Love pointed out, is what they are. “We both don’t remember how we met, actually,” she said, glancing at Pratt. “I believe it was through Michael Stipe,” the editor added.

They continued toward the fireplace to join Stipe, where the three of them held court for most of the evening. It was an evening of Courtney’s usual high jinks: She tried on Stipe’s glasses, removed her shoes, and took iPhone photos of herself and others until she eventually got distracted by her cigarette in hand. To those nearby, she went into a lecture on how to properly smoke in public as she crossed her legs, adjusted the train of her flesh-toned silk dress, and tossed her head back to blow smoke into the air. Unfiltered talk, you might say. It should fit right in with Pratt’s trademark grabby style on

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