August 22 2014

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Meet The Muse: Evelien Joos


Girl-about-town Natalie Joos spends her days casting for shows like ADAM and Yigal Azrouël and editorials for the likes of Mario Sorrenti and Mariano Vivanco, but her passion is vintage clothing. Joos’ blog, Tales of Endearment, spotlights her “Muses,” impeccably styled girls who share her secondhand obsession. In a new partnership with, Tales of Endearment’s subjects discuss their shoots right here on Style File.

Natalie Joos’ latest muse is one who’s very close to home—her sister, Evelien (or “Blinie,” as Joos calls her, a childhood nickname that stuck). Evelien, a photo editor for V and VMan and an aspiring actress, might be the younger Joos, but she has developed a strong sense of quirky style that is all her own. Her signature? Wild pants (striped, sunflower yellow, or polka dot). She began collecting them while living in Australia and currently owns an assortment that, Natalie says, “would put Willy Wonka to shame.” Evelien spoke with about the old and the new (and her go-to trouser shop).

How would you describe your style?
I don’t have one particular style. I can make a lot work and it somehow doesn’t look too artistic or grungy—I like to mix vintage and Belgian. People tell me that I make these crazy things work and that it doesn’t look so weird because I dress it down with basics. You know what it is? When I was younger, I had all of these snobbish friends, and I wanted to dress like them and be snobbish. If I was in the Hamptons all dressed up, my crazy quirkiness always came through—my hair or nails would be off or something so it didn’t look right.

Do you rein it in for the office? What’s work style like at V?
I always wear heels at work. In the week, I put much more effort in my clothes because I like dressing up. We can walk in any way we want to. If I want to wear sweatpants and a T-shirt, that’s fine. But it’s a fashion magazine so you can dress up for it. Some people do and some don’t.

What are a few of your favorite spots for buying vintage?
Stella Dallas in Williamsburg. It’s so bad because every time I go in, I buy something. In the front, they have a cheaper section where everything is under $20, and in the back, things are a little more expensive but they are like $100. I also like markets, the Brooklyn one, but other than that, I don’t remember the names of other vintage stores I like.

Are there any vintage pieces in particular you collect? I know you love crazy pants.
Yes, I am very much into pants, they are my thing. I almost never wear dresses—I only have like three of them and I hardly wear them. I feel like my body is a good shape for pants—the higher-waist ones. When I first went into Stella [Dallas] and saw these striped Wrangler pants, I was like, “Am I ever going to wear these?” But I bought them and every time I went back, I would buy another pair. I have all these weird pants in my cupboard. You know how this started? When I lived in Sydney, I bought a pair of bright green, silk high-waist harem pants and my boyfriend at the time said,”What the hell are you wearing?” Everyone else thought I looked really cool—the fashion people thought it was so amazing.

What are some of your other favorite pieces from your wardrobe—both vintage and non-vintage?
I have a really beautiful black Thierry Mugler jacket with crazy shoulders and shape. Someone gave it to me for my birthday like ten years ago and I really cherish it. People would think it was weird (at the time) and then when Balmain did it, it was all of a sudden in fashion.

Do you ever borrow pieces from your sister?
I used to when I was younger—[around] 20—and didn’t have many cool clothes like her. But now, it’s funny because she’s obsessed with dresses and skirts and I’m into pants and jackets, so we don’t really trade a lot.

Do you have any rules for mixing vintage and contemporary pieces?
No rules. Anything goes.

Finish the thought: What’s old is new again when…
I find it in my closet—again! I have so many things in my closet in Belgium and when I go back there, I look through the closet and find pieces I forgot about.

For more from Evelien’s shoot, visit Tales of Endearment.

Photos: Natalie Joos



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