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Nothing Comes Between Me And My…Fantastic Mans?


Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom of the must-read men’s mag Fantastic Man are no strangers to collaboration—they’ve already teamed up with Parfums Byredo on a fragrance. Their new joint venture, with Sweden’s White Briefs Company, provides the next step in the man’s wardrobe: underwear. “We all need underwear,” Jonkers explains to Opening Ceremony, where the three-piece collection—a brief, a tee, and a tank—are now in stock. “It’s a nice necessity.” (The pieces are all in white cotton mesh, making them also a pretty bare necessity.) As it turns out, you can take the editors out of the magazine, but you can’t take the magazine out of the editors—the duo oversaw the design and execution of the skivvies’ packaging, too, with Andreas Larsson shooting and FM‘s Jodie Barnes styling.




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