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Threeasfour Goes For Three-In-One


Lingerie, fitness gear, and eveningwear—all in one? Versatile might be an understatement for Threeasfour’s newly launched collection of leotards, bra tops, and leggings, debuting exclusively here on “I come to the studio all day, and then go to yoga, and then sometimes I go out at night in it,” says Adi Gil, who designs the line along with Angela Donhauser and Gabriel Asfour. “It works and really looks good for all of those occasions—that’s the magic about it.” Gil has even been sporting the Yin & Yang Body leotard while she’s out surfing. Note: They aren’t necessarily SFB (safe for beach) because they aren’t lined, but even dry, the swirling opaque and sheer one-piece will turn heads. The collection, now available at their Web store for a price point that’s much more affordable than their runway collection, is another step in their efforts to position the line as accessible. How does the trio plan to open up next? “A collaboration—this is one of my dreams,” Gil said, listing Stella McCartney’s Adidas collection as a personal favorite. “From wet suits to yogawear to swimwear to dance, I think there is so much room for improvement and growth in those fields, in terms of style.”

Photo: Elisabet David

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