August 21 2014

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True Love, Courtesy Of Tiffany’s


Out with spring fling and in with summer romance? That was the spirit at the Tiffany’s-hosted dinner at Il Buco last night. The fête, attended by a mix of fashion and media types including stylist Kate Young, Teen Vogue‘s Amy Astley, and LX TV’s Sara Gore, kicked off the jewelry company’s newly launched Web site, If the URL didn’t give away the theme, then there was a short film by Edward Burns to do the talking. The actor-cum-filmmaker pieced together several real-life When Harry Met Sally vignettes.

“We wanted to find couples where New York City figured in their engagement stories or romance,” Burns explained. “There’s been movies about New York City love stories since the twenties and thirties. It’s a city of endless possibility. You can go out any night and there’s this wild promise that tonight’s the night you can meet somebody.”

The city may be an ideal backdrop for lovers, but a little blue box can do wonders for the next step. “I think they should just sell the blue boxes to dudes,” Josh Radin, who flew in from L.A. to sing a couple love songs, suggested over the mic. For lesser materialists, balmy weather played its part. “Well, I just met a boy the other day, so summer must have something to do with it,” designer Victor Glemaud said with a laugh. To which Burns added, “Everybody’s in a better mood. People around the parks, they’re laying out in the sun. Especially in New York, we just came out of a brutal winter. Nice weather always helps.”

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  1. KristenKJordan says:

    I think this is an awesome theme for the summer at Tiffany’s. Just the other day, I was passing by a Tiffany’s store and their window display was showcasing old love notes. I was immediately intrigued and it pulled me right into the store to read all of the notes. :] Not only does it have the effect to make someone smile as they go from note to note, but it’s also a great way to pull in customers, like myself.

  2. tatnyc says:

    Finally! A “fashioon/luxury” film aka branded entertainment that actually has a story. I absolutely hate the self-indulgent films recently which have no story or energy or dynamism. It’s a moving film for goodness sake, glad to know that Tiffany’s embraced a real film maker instead of hiring a fashion photographer that would just want to shoot stills with a video camera.

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