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Vanessa Bruno Hearts The Tate, Kate


“Some people go to the gym or spa to relax; I go to art galleries,” said Vanessa Bruno. “Fashion can be very draining and galleries are a great place for me to revive myself, and to draw inspiration.” If that’s the case, she had plenty to draw from last night, when she hosted the Tate’s Young Patrons party in London. “My husband is an art dealer, and I have loved art since I was a little girl, especially people like Wallace Berman and Meredyth Sparks.”

Equally art-minded were the members of the party’s organizing committee—which included co-chair Marc Ronson and Alex Dellal—and attendees like Cara Delevingne, Elizabeth von Guttman, and Elise Øverland. After a DJ session by Ronson himself (who is warming up for spinning duties tonight for the Duchess of Cambridge, a.k.a. Kate Middleton, at Arpad Busson’s ARK charity event), guests also were treated to a live set by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs—TEED, for those in the know.

Bruno took a minute from hosting duties to discuss her work. She describes her collection as being “about urban poetry, a chic French laid-back woman.” Who embodies that quality best? “Grace Coddington,” she replies with no hesitation (and admittedly, Coddington is about as French chic as you can get without Gallic blood). “I love everything about her. She sticks to her universe and her aesthetic is impeccable. And from within the younger women, there is someone I met recently in L.A. that I really did connect with—she is a smart, wonderful and chic actress, and that is Kate Bosworth. In fact, she will be the star of our next film that will be released in September. Et voilà—I let the secret out!”



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