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What Kind Of Animal Are You?


The fashion world’s gone wild. But if you’ve been paying attention to the front rows for the last few months—or following along via Tommy Ton’s street-style dispatches—you knew that already. Still, our recent travels on the menswear circuit showed us that the animal motif trend has legs (and tails and fangs). The only question: Whether to go with Miuccia’s monkeys (first debuted at the Spring ’11 Prada womenswear show) or Riccardo Tisci’s snarling Rottweilers (from the Fall ’11 Givenchy menswear collection).

As of now, we’d say the dogs and the chimps are locked in a dead heat. CLICK HERE FOR A SLIDESHOW, and let us know who you think is the leader of the pack.



  1. Mysiolina says:

    I don’t like rottweilers, so I choose Prada. I like especially the look of AdR and sometimes men in skirts ;)

  2. SterlingMcQueen says:

    DEFINITELY the Prada. It’s so innovative what she did with that. I have been obsessed with the collection and I know it’s going to be floating through the streets for a long time to come, which is usually odd for the fashion industry. I’ve been wanting one of the stoles for a long time and I want every single piece in the collection. Tisci’s rottweiler collection did not impress me like it did most. I like to think of him as more gothic and less PETA. And I think that fw11 was a bit childish for him.

  3. FranB96 says:

    I am going bananas about Prada´s curious monkey patterns. The way she uses them is so fresh, and also so versatile. The Rottweiler look is stuck in the “tough guy´s shirt” motif, and also, I found Tisci´s Fall 2011 collection absolutely dreadful, inmature, and plain (it was curiously the one that debuted this Givenchy trend)

  4. Leb1991 says:

    Prada has gotta win this one. The collection she did for spring this year is in keeping with her general aesthetic– Ms. Prada consistently debuts incredibly bright, daring, unconventional prints. Givenchy doesn’t have this advantage, and the animals in this collection remind me of the wolf t-shirts that became novelty in high school. A lot of rich hipsters are going to be placing orders.

  5. erinwells says:

    I totally agree. Prada for sure. Add some gems to the Givenchy shirt and it looks like Ed Hardy “Shudder”

  6. carinagefull says:

    Definitely Prada!!Loved Samantha Gradoville and Jac.Awsome looks,gooo Prada!

  7. williedeadwilder says:

    Even though neither, I thought Ginnifer Goodwin’s giraffe blazer by Louis Vuitton to be a very elegant take on the trend. I think she’d deserve an honorable mention.

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