August 21 2014

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Death Becomes Her


Daphne Guinness, dead again? The heiress-gone-style-icon recently laid herself on the slab to debut her collaboration with London jeweler Shaun Leane, and now she’s at it again. In The Death of Jean Seberg, a new fashion film that debuted on Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio, Guinness plays the titular gamine, who made history as the heroine of Godard’s Breathless (and helped to inspire a generation of pixie cuts) before meeting an untimely end under mysterious circumstances in 1979. The film, by director Joseph Lally, doesn’t claim to be historical or even accurate (“Film should not give satisfaction,” a title card reads), but the hour-long fantasy is no less interesting for that. The complete film is on view now at And speaking of Godard, the reclusive French director, who received (but didn’t show up to collect) an honorary Oscar this year, is in the news again, too: He’s got an interesting solution to the Greek economic crisis, if you’re interested.




  1. MarieElizabeth says:

    so good..moved me to tears!

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