August 22 2014

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Introducing Brit Marling, Earth Angel


Why go for a hot summer blockbuster when you can go opt for a cool summer indie? That was at least part of the reasoning, on a steamy Wednesday night, behind the crowd that turned out for the NYC premiere of Another Earth. “My method for staying cool is to stay indoors,” veteran actor Kyle MacLachlan said with a smile—and true enough, the air-conditioning inside was movie theater-strong. With temperatures in New York expected to hit 100 degrees on Friday, the film’s release date, good A/C is a smart gambit, but so is the less conventional storyline that dabbles in astrophysics and music composition.

The film’s breakout star and leading lady, Brit Marling (pictured, in Preen), co-wrote the script with director Mike Cahill. “I grew up close to Cape Canaveral,” she explained of the film’s astrophysics tie-in. “For me, it’s romantic in a way, the idea of penetrating the Earth’s atmosphere to explore the beyond. It’s funny, because in cities, people don’t look up anymore. You have high buildings and the lights, so you can’t see stars. I’m in L.A. now and it’s just smog.”

Marling will have her own star power soon enough. She’s already onto bigger productions and recently wrapped filming for Arbitrage, in which she plays Susan Sarandon and Richard Gere’s daughter. At the after-party at the Top of the Standard, just about every boldfaced name was clamoring for an intro. It was a science of sorts, but the social kind. The hoopla was enough to have one guest thinking about a vacation. “We’re filming right now, period clothes and in the heat,” said Boardwalk Empire‘s Aleksa Palladino. “But I would love to take a little bit of time after we wrap. Maybe a week upstate. I’d just sit by a lake.”

Photo: Chance Yeh / Patrick McMullan



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