August 27 2014

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Missoni Flutters For Fall


It might pass on first look for an art-house music video, but the short debuting above is actually from Missoni’s Fall 2011 campaign. But then again, the label has a history of blurring the lines between art, music, and sound for their creative—this is a house that tapped legendary alt-filmmaker Kenneth Anger to make the last one, after all. “The main influence was the fluidity of the clothes,” explains director Mel Bles, who worked closely with Missoni in Venice to create the dance-inspired piece. “To do that, we looked at dance films from the 1920′s, featuring Martha Graham and Loie Fuller—that was really the starting point for this.” And it’s true that the sinuous lines and exaggerated lengths that Angela Missoni sent down the runway for her Fall collection lend themselves perfectly to modern movement. Rather than using dancers, however, they enlisted “biker, True Romance girls” like models Kinga Rajzak, Valerija Kelava, Kristina Salinovic, and Katlin Aas to embrace their inner Grahams.



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