September 2 2014

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Gold Rush


“Jewelry is often a gift of love between a man and a woman,” designer Solange Azagury-Partridge tells of the inspiration behind The Daydream (above), a Sam Taylor-Wood-directed film created to show off her new collection, 24:7. “There is a softness to gold—it can give an inner glow to the wearer.”

Here, in this exclusive video, actors Liberty Ross and JJ Field get their “glow” from the designer’s new geometric, gold-cast jewelry collection launching September 20. It’s one that is a lot more simplistic and wearable than some of her previous elaborate gem creations, and it’s meant to be worn “all day, everyday” (hence the name). A few of the pieces, like that triangle-shaped gold ring, look killer, so much so that the sharp jagged point might not make for the best sleepwear.



  1. MMMMMMMM says:

    cool video…..except if you get weirded out by feet.

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