August 20 2014

styledotcom Why our photo editor is borrowing this one from the boys:

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Kao, Paper, Scissors


Paper-Cut-Project designers Nikki Salk and Amy Flurry bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “look good on paper.” The Atlanta-based duo has designed paper art pieces for the likes of Hermès and Cartier, and tomorrow their elaborate creations will accessorize the looks on the runway at Jen Kao.

“It’s a weird kismet,” Kao tells “Right after my last season, I was thinking about doing a paper-inspired collection, and the next day, out of the blue, I got a postcard from them about possibly collaborating.”

Salk and Flurry then went to work laboring on the pieces to add a bit of fantasy to Kao’s “streetwear-inspired” collection. “My collection is a balance between beautiful and enticing and dangerous,” Kao says. Tomorrow, watch for paper headdresses and a shoulder cage made with Bristol paper, glue, and an X-Acto knife, that’s it. “I have been working on one piece for two weeks, it’s insane,” Flurry says. “These are taking that long, yes, but the end result is crazy beautiful and it drives us to do what we do.”

Even the paper cuts don’t stop these two. “Yes, I have several,” Flurry says, laughing. “More than paper cuts, you get a callus because of working with an X-Acto knife.” Well, pain is beauty, right?

Photos: Courtesy of Paper-Cut-Project

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