July 30 2014

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Kate Bosworth Lovs Vanessa Bruno


“The first thing I was asked when I arrived on set was whether I was afraid of heights,” Kate Bosworth told over whiskey and Cokes at London’s Brown’s Hotel last night. “And let’s just say, it’s a good thing I am not.”

For Lov, the new Bosworth-starring short film that launches Vanessa Bruno’s Fall ’11 campaign, the starlet was hoisted to the top branches of a 40-foot fir tree in Slovenia. The role also called for Kate to do backflips, ride horses, endure a broken heart, and, as she put it, “run the gamut of emotions in less than three minutes. I had to be strong in one shot, then incredibly fragile and vulnerable, then heartbroken and lashing out in the next. But you know, that is life, isn’t it?”

The Straw Dogs star is something of a favorite of Bruno’s. “It was a coup de foudre,” the designer explained. “As soon as we met, I knew she was perfect because she has intelligence about the way she wears clothes, and a subtlety that not a lot of girls have.” It probably didn’t hurt, either, that Bosworth has those classic Scandinavian features that represent Bruno’s Danish heritage—a heritage that was not only the inspiration for the collection (think Nordic knits, fur touches, and cozy bonnets) but also the film.

“Vanessa really knows how to design for a woman. The way she drapes her blouses shows off the sensuality of a woman’s neck and the clavicle area,” Bosworth added. “She has a wild ambition and a real passion for clothes that I believe comes through loud and clear in this film.” Check out the world premiere of the Lov, above.

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