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Kreem Of The Crop


To get the full experience last night at Haunch of Venison, you had to have saved room for dessert. François Pinault’s powerhouse gallery partnered with Kreemart, an organization devoted to getting contemporary artists to switch their materials to things like cookie dough and cake batter, for an evening of sweet, edible installations and performance art.

Angel Otero offered up a pair of silver cherub statues that urinated caramel and chocolate, while Terence Koh had sprinkled confectionary sugar, scented with chocolate and peppermint—”the smell of happiness,” a spokeswoman explained—on the floor in the shape of a perfect square. And the topless men and women, painted to look like monkeys and hopping around handing out banana gelato? A sideshow conceived by art-world prankster Olaf Breuning.

Among those there to take it all in was model May Andersen, who is also a full-time employee at Lower East Side gallery The Hole, and Will Cotton. “Both sweets and art exist for pleasure, that is to say, outside the other hierarchies of human need. They’re there for no good reason, except every good reason,” said Cotton, who’s made a name for himself by mixing art and pastry. Currently, he’s designing sets and costumes for “a cotton candy and whipped-cream dance” he’s putting on in November at the National Arts Club, as part of the Performa biennale. It sounds like a bachelor party idea, but Cotton assured us that it isn’t. “It’s kind of a ballet,” he said.

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