August 22 2014

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Meet The Muse: Karla Deras


Girl-about-town Natalie Joos spends her days casting for shows like ADAM and Yigal Azrouël and editorials for the likes of Mario Sorrenti and Mariano Vivanco, but her passion is vintage clothing. Joos’ blog, Tales of Endearment spotlights her “Muses,” impeccably styled girls and guys who share her secondhand obsession. In a new partnership with, Tales of Endearment’s subjects discuss their shoots right here on Style File.
Joos’ muse of the week, fashion blogger Karla Deras, hadn’t met Natalie before the two spent the day playing dress-up in Los Angeles. When the two found themselves face to face, the vintage fiends had a wild time of it: “I got to dress up in cherry-themed outfits and sparkly earrings,” Deras, 22, tells It wasn’t the first time Deras has opened up her closet to share with others—she is the blogger behind Karla’s Closet. At the moment, she dedicates herself full-time to her blog and also has a jewelry line in the works. But down the road, expect to see just about anything and everything from Deras, from a watch line to a vintage shop or maybe even a Mexican restaurant. Here on, Deras explains her many passions.

How would you describe your personal style?
My style is definitely on the feminine side, but at the same time, it’s a bit bipolar. One day I’ll wear a sparkly dress and six-inch platforms and the next day I’ll be in J.Crew trousers and a men’s button-down.

How does L.A. influence your style?
To be honest, I’m not really into the whole L.A. style, but maybe that’s just because I see so much of the same look.

Do you have a signature piece of clothing you always wear?
Probably my vintage paint-splattered Levi 501s, which I wear to death because I think they fit me so well and I always feel good in them.

Do you collect certain kinds of vintage things?
I collect anything that will look pretty in my closet, mostly dresses, though, anything with big bows, sequins, sparkles, fun prints, and textures. I always buy, even if I’m not going to wear it.

What did Natalie especially like from your closet when you did your shoot?
The whole day Natalie was telling me how she hadn’t found anything special her entire time here in L.A., but then I showed her a fifties taffeta skirt that I bought at the Rose Bowl flea market for $10 and she loved it!

Do you want to continue a career in fashion, or what are your career goals?
I swear I have new ideas and aspirations everyday. I want to run a vintage boutique of my own one day, and the other day I was thinking how cool it would be if I designed a line of watches.

For more from Karla’s shoot, visit Tales of Endearment.

Photos: Natalie Joos

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