August 22 2014

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Surf And The City


Skate and surf photographer Ari Marcopoulos has become an ersatz documentarian of the often hidden world of action sports, turning his lens on any subject who truly loves spending time on a board. During last night’s Dark Sun exhibition, co-hosted by Saturdays Surf, Marcopoulos collaborated with the Nike Stadium on the Bowery to create a gritty, DIY installation. “I was asked by Nike to do an exhibition about East Coast surfing,” said Marcopoulos. “They didn’t want to style it, which is rare these days—I had freedom to do what I wanted.”

Celebrating casually pinned black-and-white prints depicting some of their own, a crowd pushed in for a live performance by Hanni El Khatib with both their boards and babies in tow, perching on the installation’s scuffed skate ramps. A cross section of sport and cultural attendees, including curator/publisher Tim Barber, the Smile’s Carlos Quirarte, and art mogul Tim Nye, showed up. Nike Stadium manager Ryan Giese explained the transient nature of both the scene and the art. “There’s nothing glamorous about it, the art will all come down in two weeks, the sculpture inside will be gone, and Ari’s photos are photocopies—they’ll be thrown away,” he said. “There’s no agenda in this world.”

Standing beside monitors scrolling the blue flicker of a surf video and surveying the relaxed partygoers, Marcopoulos agreed. “It wasn’t so much about finding big waves. It was about having people who are fanatic about surfing just doing what they do.”

Photos: Ari Marcopoulos; Courtesy Photo



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    great work! I’m a fan

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