August 28 2014

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AWE Strikes London


Art week kicked into gear last night at London’s Cuckoo Club, where the likes of Courtney Love, Michael Stipe, Tali Lennox, and Daisy Lowe gathered for the “Rave in a Cave”-themed party fêting the debut issue of AWE (Art Wednesday Editorial) magazine. “I’m not hungover, luckily, but more than a few people might be—it was pretty wild,” co-founder and editor Max Bergius says of last night’s festivities.

Today, Bergius was still punchdrunk from the excitement of seeing his magazine finally come to fruition (his first glimpse of the final copy was at 3 p.m. yesterday). Roughly a year ago, Bergius started his site,, and then decided to do the unconventional and turn it into a magazine with his friend James Penfold. “It seemed like a physical version was important because Web content is so disposable,” he explains. So, they enlisted a team that included Paola Kudacki, Maryna Linchuk, Annabel Tollman, Todd Selby, and William Eadon to work on their first issue of their biannual arts and culture mag.

“The most challenging thing is stepping up to the mark and being able to produce something that is original,” Bergius says. “There are so many incredible magazines out there, but many of them have similar themes and the same people going through them.” In the case of AWE magazine, the photographers and writers were given free rein to do whatever they wanted, with Bergius and Penfold on the sidelines, simply “guiding them in a way that allowed their creativity to come out.” In the case of some of the contributors, they were asked to step outside their comfort zone and do a job they had almost never done before. There’s an eclectic, innovative assortment of stories, including Selby’s shoot with Robert Wilson, unpublished photos by Alvin Baltrop, and Lily Cole’s feature on sustainability. If those topics feel too PG for your liking, Bergius says, “What’s the word? Well, Paola’s shoot with Maryna is a bit dirty; it’s adult art.”

Photos: Courtesy of AWE

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