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Crybaby Has Something To Smile About


“After discussing the idea of opening a store, we had the same vision of combining fine art, fashion, and design in a cohesive and highly curated space,” says Crybaby Presents co-founder Lisa Ziven. “We didn’t think this idea existed in L.A. and felt that it needed to,” adds her partner Dakota Solt.

Thus, the two L.A.-based RISD graduates solved the problem by creating Crybaby Presents, a space for artists and designers to display and sell their work. For their first exhibition, Holy Smoke, debuting in L.A. tomorrow night, the duo called on artists Leo Fitzpatrick, Glen Baldridge, Adam Marnie, and Kevin Zucker to create limited-edition pieces. “Adam Marnie created a sculptural installation for the space,” Ziven says. Wearable art from labels like Illesteva and Katie Gallagher, and the duo’s own clothing line will also be on display (and for sale) in the space. “We reached out to many of our RISD peers and other young, up-and-coming artists that we think are extremely talented and influential,” Ziven says of how they assembled the contributing artists and designers. All of the items in the current installation will be available online later this month, when Crybaby launches its e-commerce site.

This installation ends December 1, but “Crybaby Presents will continue to have exhibitions seasonally, curating each show around fine art, fashion, and other forms of design.”

Crybaby Presents, open October 15 to December 1, 171 South La Brea Ave, Hollywood.

Photo: Courtesy of Crybaby Presents

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