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Avenue 32 Sets Up Shop


There’s Bond Street, Madison Avenue, Rodeo Drive, and now, Avenue 32 is making a play to join the list of luxury shopping neighborhoods. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, that’s because the e-commerce site has yet to open its virtual doors. When launches November 29, the site will debut 35 “boutiques,” including Preen, Edun, and Anndra Neen, curated by each brand’s respective designers.

“The initial idea behind creating boutiques for each individual designer was so that we could showcase more complete collections and customers would be able to choose from a wider selection,” Avenue 32 founder Roberta Benteler tells “We aim to give customers a unique insight into the world of these designers and the fashion industry as a whole, creating what feels like a more personal and emotional relationship that emulates the charm of offline shopping.”

For their first outing, Benteler and her co-founder, Juri von Randow, have brought in a diverse list of brands, including 3.1 Phillip Lim, Azzaro, Emilio de la Morena, Todd Lynn, and Felder Felder. They are also focused on jewelry and accessories, working with House of Waris and Carolina Bucci for the launch. But, like most luxury e-commerce sites these days, there is also an editorial element. “Some of the editorial we have created so far is a profile on Jessica and Janina Joffe—an up-and-coming actress and a talented young gallerist,” Benteler says. “We have also created profiles on folk singer Kamila Thompson and Momofuku’s pastry chef Christina Tosi, amongst others.” She plans to add an interactive stylist feature in the near future. has an exclusive video (above) to preview the launch of the site.

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