August 30 2014

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Dreaming Of A Karl Christmas


Paris’ Printemps is spending Christmas with Karl Lagerfeld. Not only did Lagerfeld orchestrate the store’s Rêve d’Evasion (that is, travel dream) Christmas windows, which feature mini Lagerfeld marionettes photographing, filming, sketching, and posing all over Paris along with glittering, miniature and life-size pieces from past Chanel Métiers d’Arts collections (Paris-Shanghai, Paris-London), he also shot the store’s Christmas ads featuring a stately Chanel-clad Freja Beha Erichsen holding up the globe like a beach ball. On hand at the store last night with Vanessa Paradis for the official unveiling, Lagerfeld mused on how it feels to see himself as a dancing doll in a store window. “I guess I’m a doll you can’t play with,” he said. “In a way, I’m lucky. I don’t sing, I’m not an actor, I don’t make scandals, I’m just working class.”

Paradis said she usually spends Christmas travelling with close friends. “We don’t plan too far ahead, and it can be the mountains, in the country, or on the sand, as long as it’s with the people I’m really close to,” she told (Speaking of close to, there’s her pal Lulu Gainsbourg, with whom she’d shared the stage at a performance the night before. Gainsbourg has just completed an album of covers of his father Serge’s hits, including “The Ballad of Melody Nelson” with both Paradis and husband Johnny Depp.) As for Lagerfeld, Christmas this year will be spent in Paris. “Everyone I know is leaving, but I stay home because it’s the only moment I can work on the Couture quietly, sketch, and take care of my books and houses—all the things I never have time to do the rest of the year. For me the ultimate luxury is to be alone…to have time for myself, not look at my watch, and do whatever I want, whenever I want.”

Photo: Courtesy Photos

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